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Councillor Carlone acknowledged that if the zoning is accepted nothing can happen till the second ordinance is approved, which might hold up the opening of marijuana retail institutions. She suggested that it’s accomplished as a committee in search of a consensus. He asked who will probably be putting this collectively; is this coming from CDD or the town Council – it doesn’t match into zoning but must be part of this dialogue. City Solicitor Glowa stated that this wanted to be researched. Will make it a priority.

She stated that in an effort to make this a successful program the city needs to be considerate. He stated that Massachusetts has been within the forefront to guantee that small companies can be part of this industry. Dialogue will include comparable examples. Fully understanding what the particular permit criteria utilized by the Planning Board would be. Councillor Zondervan stated that another method to get at it’s that so as to do packaging you need to satisfy the standards for a manufacturing facility. It was recommended that some extra revised language clarification was made in relation to the special permit standards. 320 – 47 Bishop Allen Drive, Special Permit for construction of 23 residential items pursuant to Sections 4.26 Multifamily, 2.304.4 Waiver of Setback Necessities, 20.304.6 and 6.356 Discount of Parking Requirement, 6.22.2 Off-site Accessory Parking inside 400 feet, 10.Forty Particular Permit and 19.20 Challenge Evaluation.

Councillor Carlone said that on page 18 section (d) he moved to amend by including after the word “active” the phrase “business.” He additional amended this section within the last line after the phrase “include” add the word “changing” public artwork. Vice Mayor Devereux said that on page thirteen in section 11.802.3 entitled Limitation of Approval. 7:00pm Zoning Petition by Nabil Sater, et al., to amend the Zoning Ordinance in the Central Square Overlay District, Section 20.300. This petition can also be recognized because the Central Square Restoration Zoning Petition. 7:00pm a hundred and ten Fawcett Street, Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes Foundation, seeks special permits pursuant to Sections 20.Seven-hundred Medical Marijuana Overlay District, 4.35 and 20.70 Flood Plain Overlay District for a proposal to renovate an existing warehouse into a retail Registered Marijuana Dispensary. 7:00pm Lighting Ordinance Zoning Petition by the town Council to amend 4 sections in Article 19.000 of the Zoning Ordinance of the city of Cambridge.