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This thread is for posting details about body massage parlours that provide "extras" and masseurs who provide similar services.

If you know of massage parlours with happy ending or about gay masseurs in Bangalore please share the information here. Please do not disclose this info to owner of establishments as this may lead to awkward situations for the masseurs.

Log in Register for Free! Submitted by manishbhat Location: Bangalore Karnataka , India. Guys Online in United States. Gay Cruising Spots in United States. Bangalore Karnataka , India This thread is for posting details about body massage parlours that provide "extras" and masseurs who provide similar services.

Posted On Sep 3, - And it's pretty clear where I m not talking about any sexual affair I have mentioned that the massage is better and fun is completely based on your way of luck and interaction Suggestion:

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MysteryVibe This thread is for posting details about body massage parlours...
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Take your pick from shiatsu massaging pillow, neck and shoulder kneading massager, shiatsu Pin and foot massager and much more.

  • Kachi Guda, Hyderabad Shop No.
  • Choose from a wide range of Body Massagers at bursaescortilan.info Get Free 1 or 2 day...
  • Benefits of a head massage - Times of India
  • Buy Foot,Head & Body Massagers at India's Best Online Shopping Store. Dr Physio USA Full Body Massager Massage Machine Massagers...
  • You can change your city from here.
  • Electric Massagers: Buy Body Massager online at best prices in...
  • I am being scolded by my head manag. Best Female Massage Spa in Bangalore. Jun 30, This spa is mostly...

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  1. Can someone please explain why everyone hates her? I only watched this video and I don't get what's wrong with it?

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