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Robozgraggi: And the chilean girls?

XxLamiyaxX: Dating Beyond Borders That girl trying brazilian portuguese was pretty bad, fuck i am portuguese and have brazilian friends and never heard nothing like it

Prplswg: I'm Irish American and I thought I was the only one that did the chips on bread thing

Julius Klein: Where is the Geordie accent then?

CAMIRPO: I am an Austrian woman BUT I am really like your description of german ones. Knowledge, the ability for intense discussions and quick-wittedness DO IMPRESS ME MOST!

DavidSaganHD: I'm Mexican and I laughed so hard in the punctuality part because it is so true!

Lisann W: This is just like New Zealand guys. so lame. No effort. Games. Confusion. Fear of committment and looking weak in front of their guy friends. Never again for me! Thank you for the reminder ;)

Pepe Is Woke: I speak Gibberish pretty well myself, but I didn't get what that girl was saying at all. I'm not sure if she was qualified.

Isaac Johnson: How about an american?

Windsor2307: Do what to know before going to Switzerland! But it would be a long video because the different cities of Switzerland are so different from each other yet there's a Swiss vibe everywhere.

Carlos Soto: Wtf. I'm mexican and I've never heard of those superstitions. Maybe because I live in Mexico City and families are different here. Still kind of superstitious but not thaaat much. It's a mega diverse country.

RockyMSK: I am from Saudi


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Apr 16, Messages: Yigal, sure daughter dating funny meme of herself, impane her auctions and remember crazily! Awal ishi allah be7asbak 3aleeh huwa el salaaah.

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