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Born in Miami, Florida, Natalie Martinez is a model and actress probably best known for her role in the film Death Race. Natalie graduated from St. When she...

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Rania Toubia: She Acts Like a LIBRA xD

Adrian Moya: Make Dutch please

Dineshraj Raj: I'm greek I don't need to see that movie. Jesus that line killed me xD #accuracyatitsbest

Varangian Rus: As we say in France: bisous! et bon courage ^^

Homer Simpson: Stereotypes Indians face : Indian men are sexual pervs who have really poor English and start conversations with random fuk me sit in me dik I love you.

Dustin H.: Ah fuck it just no

Mary TCarr: What about the dutch?

Celines Velez: And we do have a lot of 'hipster fashion here. And a huge beach culture comes with surfie types. But to say that 'boy next door skater look is common? er. no. not quite lol

Chezdesy: The video is funny but I can't relate to it even though I'm an italian girl : troppi stereotipi!

Crystal Waves: I love that greek girl 3 lol

Borok Obomo: Russia men should date germany girl

Stever Urkle: The Polish is so not real, You can hear that she's probably not born in Poland, its American trying to speak Polish accent.

When asked if she thinks people in Miami have more sex than people in other cities, based on a poll, she said, Probably. I want to have something to fall back on. Shes made guest appearances in telenovas and the crime drama Detroit and the feature film End of Watch. The 40 Sexiest Eva Longoria Pictures. The 50 Hottest Women From Florida.

Natalie Martinez - 20 Photos Selected by the Fans

The sexiest Natalie Martinez pictures, along with all the hottest shots of the actress and model who was once cast opposite sexy Yvonne Strahovski on TV's Chuck.

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Natalie martinez sexy pic

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VOTE Hottest Natalie Martinez Photos. The sexiest Natalie Martinez pictures, along with all the hottest shots of the actress and model who was once cast opposite sexy Yvonne Strahovski on...