Dating an albanian man - You know you are dating an Albanian when…

Albanians are very old fashioned and traditional; they place an emphasis on family and everything they do revolves around it. The men are hospitable and generous, but keep...

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They pretty much have a bad rap, almost as low as the gypsy's and Albania and Romania has sizable Gypsy population.

I know in the beginning he said he didn't want love at this point in his life but a lot has changed just with the dynamic between us. I know two Albanian immigrant guys. Nov 26, 9. If he tells his friends to do that in a serious manner, he will look at u the same way.

If he becomes more aggressive and bother going beyond laying a hand on you, leave! Also, Albanians have history.

I asked the online expat community of Albania, what their experiences are in dating Albanians. The question caused much discussion and a lot of humorous responses and these are a selection of 27 of the most interesting, interspersed with my own.

Of course, no one is meaning to generalise an entire country of people, but the following points were all mentioned multiple times and to me, they are endearing and part of the reason why us expats love the Albanian people!

Friday, November 16, Time becomes a social construct and totally open to interpretation. You become fluent in swearing in Shqip. You realise that family comes above everyone and everything else.

You get to find out things about the country that you would have never discovered on your own.

Cleaning your inbox: Does this equal "out of sight out of mind"?

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. ThankS to everyone for advices.. Originally Posted by Aleni. I met my bf around 2 years ago, he is Albanian, younger than me with 2 years and proud to be an Albanian with his traditions. After 6 months I realised he is very distant with me he had3 months in his wilderness and we was just chatting no phone call or video call so i decided to break his fb account to see what is hiding..

I met another boy and correspondence was a friend of him When I was in his country I catched him chatting with girls He don't covenant is not normal to beg with others..

I understood is younger than me , I understood he don't want something serious I mean a integration or to live togheter I have 26 years..

I don't know much about Albania, but being a man, I can understand where he is coming from.
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Dating an albanian man

Posted on by DeMar8756

I don't know much about Albania, but being a man, I can understand where he is coming from. Think of it .. I would never date an albanian guy, just...